Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An APC-Style Platform in a Battle-Rifle Caliber

For those who are familiar with the B&T APC pistol-caliber platforms, the company rolled out a new, rifle-caliber variant of the design, giving B&T shooters a setup that looks, feels and handles like the pistol-caliber guns but offers much more capability, thanks to its .308 Winchester chambering.

The B&T APC308 uses all the same controls as other guns in the APC family and, for a .308 Winchester rifle, is surprisingly controllable. That's due to an integrated shock-absorbing system found in the receiver, which reduces recoil, enhances reliability and allows the platform to be handled easily in a variety of roles.

  • Barrel length: 16- and 18-inches
  • Ships with flip-up sights
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Ships with one 20-round magazine

Each B&T APC308 is outfitted with a gas-piston operating system and features ambidextrous controls.

B&T USA - B&T APC 308

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