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Win Your Next Single-Action Shooting Competition

How does a company like Uberti, known for its line of beautiful, single-action reproductions, produce a revolver that they know will win competitions? Well, getting input from a world champion is a solid start. Uberti and Kenda Lenseigne, a world champion of cowboy mounted shooting, worked together to produce today's fastest-shooting competition revolver: the Uberti Short Stroke KL CMS single-action revolver.

As evidenced by the "Short Stroke" in the name, this Uberti KL CMS revolver is constructed with a hammer that provides 20 percent less travel distance than traditional single-action revolvers, allowing users to quickly cock the pistol and get it into action. To ensure a solid thumb purchase on the hammer spur, Uberti designed the gun with a wide, low hammer complete with a checkered top.

  • Chambered in .45 Long Colt
  • Barrel length: 3.5 inches
  • Overall length: 9.12 inches
  • Cylinder capacity: 6 rounds

Other competition-winning features found on the Uberti Short Stroke KL CMS single-action revolver include EasyView sights, a custom-designed mainspring and a specially designed birdshead grip made to Kendra Lenseigne's specifications.


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