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Unique, Proven Design in 10mm

Capitalizing on the renewed popularity of 10mm Auto, the Ruger® GP100® 10mm adds another option to the company's lineup and brings a unique firearm to the 10mm world, which is overwhelmed by semi-automatic handguns but has few revolvers.

Like other options in the Ruger® GP100® lineup, the 10mm model is constructed with a full-length ejector should and features a 4.2-inch barrel with a serrated top rib that eliminates glare from the shooter's sight picture. The revolver is built with a double-action/single action operating system and features a cylinder capacity of six rounds.

Other features found on the Ruger® GP100® 10mm include a stainless-steel finish and recoil-absorbing rubber grips complete with Goncalo Alves wood inserts. The front sight is interchangeable with other options on the market, and the rear sight is fully adjustable for windage.

RUGER - GP100® 10MM SS/WD 4.2"

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