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An Affordable Six-Shot Revolver Perfect for Your Defensive Kit

When it comes to defensive tools, the simple, unsung revolver has been a gun relied upon for decades by professionals and civilians alike. Today, it still serves as a solid defensive arm, and Taurus USA offers a durable, affordable model in the form of its 856 revolver chambered in .38 Special.

Each Taurus 856 is a double-action/single-action design that features a six-shot cylinder, giving you one more round over traditional small-frame revolvers. The gun's frame is surrounded by a comfortable, overmolded rubber grip that makes it easy to shoot, so you can get your practice in to build confidence and skills.

This blued Taurus 856 has an attractive and durable look, and its .38 Special chambering makes it versatile, too, having the ability to shoot everything from soft-recoiling target rounds to dedicated defensive loads. Its 2-inch barrel makes it concealable, and its 1.37-pound weight makes it easy to carry all day long.


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