Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Whether you’re at the range or humpin’ the boonies, having plenty of ammo to feed your AR-15 "Retro" rifle is vital. With a few extra loaded Brownells 25-round Retro AR-15 magazines on hand, you won’t have to "di-di mau" back for more. Externally, this straight-bodied steel mag is a carefully reproduced replica of the magazines Armalite assembled for their original AR-15 prototype rifles - ideal for your very early Retro Repro build.

More good news: our 25-round Retro AR-15 mags are 100% up-to-date with reliable modern innards, and they will fit and function dependably in ANY modern AR-15 with a mil-spec lower, including our Retro lowers. We’re pointing this out because, if you know your AR-15 / M16 history well, you know that the prototype rifles’ mag won’t fit a modern gun. Now you can give your rifle that period-correct appearance so many AR-15 history fans/shooters crave, with a reasonably priced "shooter" mag!

  • Fits modern "mil-spec" AR-15 lower receiver, including Brownells Retro receivers
  • Stamped steel body & floorplate with correct markings/indentations
  • Durable matte black Parkerized finish
  • Chrome silicon spring maintains proper tension for consistent feeding
  • Glass-fiber reinforced composite follower further aids feeding

Our 25-round Retro AR-15 magazines are the perfect complement to your Retro AR-15 rifle - whether you bought it whole or built it from parts. It’s also ideal for shooters who prefer the reliability of the straight-body magazines the AR-15 was originally designed to use but want 5 more rounds than you get from the standard 20-round mags. As a bonus, that sturdy steel body will stand up to all the abuse you can give it, and be ready for more!


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