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We combined 19 of our most popular roll pin punches and added a handy bench block to come up with the perfect punch set for the busy shop or department armor. Easily start, remove, and install spring pins and roll pins in firearms without damage to the pin or firearm. Features (5) holder punches, (7) starter punches, and (7) standard punches that can easily handle any job out there. Made from solid steel, with parallel-ground shanks and knurled handles. Also includes a non-marring, nylon drift punch that won’t damage or scrape delicate surface finishes. Machined, Delrin® bench block holds and organizes all the punches for easy access. Holder punches cup and hold roll pins, keeping them aligned for easy starting without pinching or binding. Especially good on the tiny, hard-to-grab ones, or those in tight places. Features a 1/16" diameter punch that is notched to clear the M16/AR-15 rear sight, plus a 3.5mm diameter punch for holding the pin that retains the breech block on Sig handguns. Finish driving with a standard roll pin punch. Starter punches are used to start the removal of roll or spring pins without causing damage to the pins or the punch. Short shaft gives more control by putting your hand closer to the pin and prevents bending the longer, standard roll pin punches. Standard punches are used to finish drive the roll pin or spring pin after it’s started. Starter and standard roll pin punches feature a special tip that centers inside the hollow pin to help prevent slippage. Complete set includes bench block, also available separately.

SPECS: Punches - Steel, knurled handle, matte black. Nylon Punch - 4” (10cm) long x 5?16" (7.9mm) diameter. Holder Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: 1?16" (1.6mm), 5?64" (2mm), 3?32" (2.4mm), 1?8" (3.2mm), 9?64" (3.5mm). Working length: 2Ѕ” (6.3cm) - 3” (7.6cm) long. Starter Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: #1, 1?16"; #2, 4?64"; #3, 3?32"; #4, 1?8" (3.2mm); #5, 5?32" (4mm); #6, 3?16" (4.8mm); #7, 7?32" (5.5mm). Working length: Ѕ” (3.2cm) long. Standard Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: #1, 1?16"; #2, 5?64"; #3, 3?32"; #4, 1?8"; #5, 5?32"; #6, 3?16"; #7, 7?32". Working length: 15?16" (2.4cm) - 2Ѕ” (6.4cm) long. Bench Block - Delrin, tan. 6-3?8" (16cm) long, 3” (7.6cm) wide, ѕ” (1.9cm) high. Holds all 20 punches. Bench block included in set, also available separately.

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