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Tech Tip BRN180 350 Legend Feed Ramps

Tech Tip: BRN-180 .350 Legend Feed Ramps

Author Caleb Savant
3 months ago

In this Brownells Tech Tip, Caleb dives deep into the innovative design of the feed ramps on the BRN-180 in 350 Legend, showcasing why this setup stands out in the realm of semi-automatic rifles. The 350 Legend, known for its challenges in reliably feeding heavier bullets in the AR platform, finds a remarkable solution in the BRN-180's unique feed ramp design. Unlike the standard AR-15's dual feed ramp, the BRN-180 features a singular, large feed ramp that significantly enhances reliability, especially with subsonic ammunition. 

Discover how the BRN-180's trunnion, not being restricted by the standard AR-15 barrel extension's limitations, allows for this groundbreaking improvement. This video not only highlights the technical aspects and benefits of this design but also aims to deepen your understanding of the thoughtful engineering behind the BRN-180 in 350 Legend.

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