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Top 5 AR Builder Mistakes

Author Caleb Savant
2 months ago

 Join Steve and Caleb from Brownells as they dive into the world of AR-15 customization and assembly, sharing their expert insights on how to avoid the most common issues the average builder runs into. Whether you're assembling your first AR or your hundredth, this video is packed with invaluable advice to ensure your project is a success. From critical assembly points to the finer details of component selection, Steve and Caleb cover it all with their signature blend of expertise and humor.

0:00 - Introduction to AR-15 Building Mistakes
0:45 - Mistake #1: Damaging the Trigger Guard
2:30 - Mistake #2: The Bolt Catch Pin Scratch
4:15 - Mistake #3: Installing the Hammer Spring Backwards
6:00 - Mistake #4: Incorrect Hammer Spring Placement
7:45 - Mistake #5: Not Using the Right Tools

Remember, building your own AR-15 is an exciting journey. With Steve and Caleb's advice, you're well on your way to creating a firearm that you can be proud of. Hit that like button if you found this video helpful, subscribe for more expert guidance, and as always, thanks for watching!