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0117-23 Quick Tip - Using The Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool

Quick Tip: Using the Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool

Author Steve Ostrem
10 months ago
"This tool is an all-in-one turnkey operation," says Brownells Gun Tech™ Steve Ostrem about the Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool. It's the centerpiece of a kit that sets you up to prime pretty much any cartridge you're likely to encounter. The main tool is accompanied by a set of shell holders, inserts for large and small primers, and a clear-topped plastic feed tray. Also in the kit's sturdy, hard-shell polymer case is a handy little booklet listing an enormous number of cartridges and which Frankford shell holder fits each one.
Fill the feed tray with primers, snap the tray into the tool, open the feed gate in the tray to let the primers flow, PUT ON YOUR SAFETY GLASSES, and you're ready to start priming cartridge cases. Steve tilts the priming tool away from his body and face. Once you slide a case into the slot, squeeze the priming tool's handle. It generates a lot of leverage, so that primer should seat firmly, neat as you please, with minimal effort. You get that satisfying feeling of the primer bottom out in the primer pocket. If the primer isn't quite hitting bottom, you can adjust the priming tool's ram to change the seating depth.
The Frankford hand priming tool fits in the hand so well and operates so smoothly you'll find you can prime several hundred cases PDQ (pretty darned quickly).