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This week only: AR parts 15% off - SHOP NOW

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0007-24 Quick Tip - BRN4 Field Strip and Lubrication_Thumb

Quick Tip: BRN4 Field Strip and Lubrication

Author Caleb Savant
2 months ago

Join us in this detailed tutorial where Caleb demonstrates how to disassemble, maintain, and reassemble the BRN-4 upper.

Starting with the removal of the charging handle and bolt carrier group, Caleb methodically explains the process, highlighting the similarities and differences compared to the AR-15.

This tutorial also covers the disassembly of the handguard, removal of the piston rod assembly, and piston cup, providing tips for dealing with stubborn parts and ensuring a thorough clean.

Caleb shares his personal lubrication preferences and techniques, ensuring your BRN-4 upper is well-maintained and operates smoothly.
Reassembly is explained in a step-by-step manner, ensuring you can confidently put your BRN-4 upper back together.

Caleb's instructions are clear and easy to follow, making this video an invaluable resource for anyone looking to maintain their BRN-4/HK 416 upper. For any questions or additional assistance, viewers are encouraged to post comments or contact the tech line for support.

5 Stars
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