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0128-23 Quick Tip - Basic Rifle Maintenance_Thumb

Quick Tip: Basic Rifle Maintenance

Author Caleb Savant
6 months ago

In today's Brownells Quick Tip, Caleb is joined by Mike from Sons of Liberty Gunworks to delve into the essentials of basic rifle maintenance. This video is a comprehensive guide that goes beyond the basics, offering valuable insights into keeping your AR-15 in top condition.

What You'll Learn:
- How to inspect key components like the bolt carrier group, extractor, and ejector
- The importance of gas ring tests and action spring measurements
- Tips for maintaining barrel life and accuracy

Why Watch This Video:
- Get expert advice from industry professionals
- Learn how to preemptively address potential issues before they become problems - Understand the nuances of AR-15 and M16 maintenance that go beyond simple cleaning

Need Help? If you have any questions about rifle maintenance, feel free to give us a call on the tech line. We're here to assist you.