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$0 Hazmat Fee On All Powder & Primer Orders - Stock Up Now!

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0065-23 Smythbuster - Breaking the LAW_Thumb

Smyth Busters: Breakin' the Law - Is It Easy?

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago

Our intrepid Smyth Busters, Brownells Gun Techs™ Steve and Caleb, tackle a touchy subject today: breaking the Law. No, not the kind of activity that leads to you making a phone call to your lawyer from jail. Rather, it's a persistent rumor that the popular Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter for the AR-15 adds another potential failure point to your rifle because it's fragile and can break easily. A LOT of AR-15 fans love the Law and have one on their rifles. But is it the ""weakest link"" on your gun? How easy is it to break the Law? 

Caleb and Steve and some other folks around Brownells HQ took an old AR-15 fitted with the Law adapter out to the range. They proceeded to beat the heck out of it, even treating it like the hammer in a track-and-field hammer throw competition, all to see if they could break it. A few things on the gun did break, and the castle nut worked loose, supporting Caleb's recommendation that you always stake your castle nut. The guys also found out that B5 Systems stocks and pistol grips are darned near indestructible. 

One thing that did not break? The Law Tactical AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter! 

Conclusion: Sure, if you really, REALLY try hard, you can probably break the Law adapter. But for all practical purposes, the myth is BUSTED. The Law Tactical folding stock adapter is not a weak point on your AR-15.

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