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Smyth Busters: Are Stickers on AR-15s "Cringe"?

Author Caleb Savant
5 months ago
Caleb drags Steve into the side-streets and byways of popular culture to tackle today's myth. Folks sometimes get roasted on social media and Reddit over this: Putting stickers on your custom AR-15 is "cringe," as the kids say nowadays. Grownups usually say "cringy" - but you get the point. It's in bad taste, not cool, and you shouldn't do it to your AR, says the anti-sticker crowd.
Specifically, we're talking about affixing stickers to - or even laser engraving - the receiver with "waifu," favorite characters from Japanese anime cartoons. According to the ultimate authority on everything, Wikipedia, a waifu is a fictional character in anime, manga, or a video game to whom you attracted or consider your ideal significant other. (We're not making this up!)
"Oh, like Hello Kitty?" says Steve, aglow with the triumph of dawning recognition. "Yes!" exclaims Caleb, relieved to be spared doing a long explanation.
A lot of AR-15 customizers are big proponents of personalizing your rifle with a custom paint job. Do you cross a line into inexcusable bad taste if you put waifu stickers on that super-ultimate-custom AR-15 you spent weeks buying parts for and a whole Saturday assembling?
It's YOUR rifle, says Caleb. Put whatever artwork, sticker, logo, engraving, or paint job on it YOU want. Firearms are functional art, a canvas where you can express yourself. "You do you. Follow your bliss," Steve concurs. Don't worry about what other people think.
Enough said? That anti-sticker/waifu myth is BUSTED, done and dusted! Now.... who wants to see Steve's "Hello Kitty" AR?