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Daily Defense 1-36: What Training Classes Should I Take?

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

Earlier in this series, Jeff has recommended getting professional training on particular aspects of your Daily Defense plan. Now, he goes into detail about firearm training. SAFETY comes first. Any trainer you choose must have proper safety measures in place so you can learn the skills you need without putting yourself or other people at risk. Read the course description. Talk to the trainer about what you want to accomplish. Is this the best course for you? They may be able to recommend a better one. Look at the "minimum gear" requirements. Do you have to bring your own gun, holster, etc. Or will the training company rent you gear? That's a great way to find out what gear works for you before you buy it. If it's classroom instruction, take NOTES to help lock in what you learn. If it's a range class with live fire and you've never (or rarely) fired a gun before, be prepared. Guns are loud and can be startling at first. Solution: Wear extra hearing protection. Recoil can also be surprising at first. Solution: Follow what the instructor says about how to hold the gun properly to control recoil. Muzzle flash can be very bright, though usually not so much with handguns. There are ways to mitigate it; your instructor can help. The most important tool you should bring to the class? An OPEN mind! Be ready to learn, interact with the instructor and classmates, and have FUN!