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Daily Defense 1-33: More Workplace EDC Considerations

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

What is your employer's policy on firearms in the workplace? Is EDC allowed or are guns entirely prohibited? If you don't know, hit that employee manual! If guns are a no-no at work but there's a specific threat that you think justifies your carrying a gun at work, talk to management about it. The managers might be sympathetic to your situation and may grant you special permission. If you can't carry in the building but want to have a firearm with you during your commute to and from work, find out if your employer's firearm policy allows employees to keep guns in their vehicles. If vehicle storage IS allowed, you'll want to minimize how much you handle the gun taking it off and putting it on. Those are the times when negligent discharges most commonly happen. It's best to find a holster that (1) protects the trigger to minimize the risk of negligent discharge during handling and (2) is easy to put on and take off. When the gun is in the car, it must be SECURED in a locked box or container in the trunk. If you can carry at work, a small backup gun may be your only option. Small guns are less effective, but having a gun is always better than not having one. Off-body carry in a briefcase may be another option, but that opens up the risk of sometimes leaving the gun unattended. If you can't carry a firearm, consider "less lethal" options such as pepper spray, a collapsible baton, or knife. Whatever your workplace self-defense strategy, planning is critical.