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Daily Defense 1-32: Should I Carry a Gun at Work?

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

"EDC" stands for "every day carry" - so how do you carry a gun every day if most of your days are spent at work? If your employer is friendly to EDC, great! Of course, you'll need to integrate your carry method with your workplace's dress code. What you have to wear at work will determine how you carry. But some employers strictly forbid carrying firearms in their facilities. Carrying concealed at work when it's prohibited is risky. Sooner or later, the fact that you have a gun is probably going to come out, with negative consequences for your career at that employer. Is it worth losing your job? Even if you can carry at work, you may have to be more discreet than when you're out and about on the weekend. You want to maintain the lowest profile possible, so your backup gun may have to become your primary at work. You may need to go with a non-waistband carry method: pocket holster, ankle holster, holster shirt, or deep-cover belly band. Carrying concealed is a balance between access and concealability, especially at work.