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Daily Defense 1-31: Carrying a Backup Gun

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

Jeff has mentioned carrying a backup gun several times in this series, but what is a "backup gun"? It's typically smaller and more compact than your primary daily carry / EDC gun, such as a micro-compact semi-auto pistol or snub-nosed revolver. There are several reasons to carry a backup gun. If your primary gun runs out of ammo, your backup provides a near instantaneous "reload." Or if your strong hand becomes incapacitated and you can't reach your primary gun, you may be able to reach the backup with your other hand. You may be out and about with your spouse or significant other who isn't dressed for concealed carry, so in the event of an emergency, you can pass your backup gun to that person. While very easy to carry on the waistline, in a pocket, or in an ankle holster, backup guns do have some limitations. They hold less ammo and due to their small size, stiff trigger, and limited sights may be more challenging to shoot. They are typically chambered in less-effective cartridges like .22 Long Rifle, .32 ACP, or .380 Auto, so you need to seek out and select good self-defense ammunition for your backup gun. On the positive side, backup guns really open up your options for alternate methods of carry that mesh well with different lifestyle scenarios.