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THIS WEEK ONLY – All Magpul Items Ship Free – Shop Now

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Daily Defense 1-29: An EDC Plan for the Whole Family

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

The statistical reality of gunfights involving armed private citizens is that the citizen usually expends fewer than 5 rounds of ammunition. If your primary daily carry / EDC gun has a magazine capacity of at least 10 rounds, you probably won't have a huge need to reload. If your carry gun holds fewer than 10 rounds, you should be prepared for a worst-case scenario where you have to perform a reload. Likewise, if your backup gun is a 5-shot revolver, you're very much at risk of not having enough ammo for it. The decision to carry spare ammo also depends on whether you can properly conceal it AND the threat level of where you're going. Always try to avoid places with high threat levels. But what if you're going to an unfamiliar part of town or a different town? If your concealment setup allows it, your reload can even be a LARGER-capacity magazine than the one originally in the gun. You can also keep spare ammo in your car. The bottom line: Carry spare ammo if you can!