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Daily Defense 1-28: The Gun Pass

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

A "gun pass" is not a new form of flirting, though it may involve your significant other! It is the proper way for one person who's holding a firearm to hand it to another, trusted, person in an emergency. In the daily carry / EDC context, you may be carrying two firearms, one for yourself and one for your spouse, family member, or trusted friend. A self-defense situation arises, and you pass the extra firearm to the other person so they can protect themselves and work with you as a team to protect each other from the threat. The other person MUST be thoroughly versed the Four Rules of Firearm Safety. They have to be familiar with that gun AND what to do with it in the current situation. Jeff demonstrates the mechanics of a typical gun pass: unholster the firearm, hold it by the top of the slide, and pass it to the other person, so they can safely take control of it by the grip and place their trigger finger in the home position. As with most other firearm handling skills, do some training "dry runs". It's all part of working with the other person so they can become a part of your personal self-defense plan.