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Daily Defense 1-21: Shooting a Revolver

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

A revolver is still a viable choice for your daily carry / EDC gun. But they do function differently from semi-auto pistols, which requires you to grip a revolver differently. Jeff demonstrates the correct revolver grip. Modern personal defense revolvers come in two varieties. You can shoot a traditional double-action revolver either by thumbing back the hammer and squeezing the trigger ("single" action) or by just squeezing the trigger. Double action enables fast follow-up shots; single action allows more precise aimed fire. A double action only (DAO) revolver can be fired ONLY by squeezing the trigger - there's no hammer to wrangle. Revolver sights vary from rudimentary nubs to precise adjustable sights. Sight upgrade options are more limited on revolvers than on semi-autos, but Jeff explains some simple enhancements you can do to make the existing sights easier to see. The revolver's biggest limitation is its capacity - 5 or 6 shots. Shot placement is very important because you have fewer follow-up shots available than with most semi-auto pistols. If you have your revolver in single action mode with the hammer cocked but you decide not to fire a shot, what do you do? Jeff shows us how to safely lower the hammer to uncock a revolver.