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Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

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Daily Defense 1-20: EDC Knives

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

The saying goes, "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight", but there are times when a small handheld knife is very handy! Like your handheld flashlight, a knife is also a helpful utility tool to have with you. And like your firearm, there are legal restrictions on carrying a knife; know your state and local laws. The most common EDC knife is the classic folding pocket knife. Folding knives are often, though not always, subject to fewer legal restrictions than a fixed-blade knife. There are several types of folding knives with different folding mechanisms: thumb stud, T-post, thumb hole. And different types of locking mechanisms to prevent the blade from coming open when you don't want it to. Pocket clips are common, and some let you move the clip from one side of the knife to the other, so you can choose which side of your body you carry the knife on. Understand how your knife works, including how to properly close the blade. Close the blade with the sharp edge facing AWAY from your body. Finally, Jeff recommends investing in a safety trainer knife; he explains what that is and why it's useful.