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Daily Defense 1-18: Gun-Mounted Lights

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

Self-defense emergencies often do not happen in broad daylight, but rather under cover of night. It's difficult to defend yourself in the dark, so you might want to mount a light on your gun. Most modern pistols have provisions for attaching a light, and many currently available weaponlights crank out a lot light from a surprisingly small package. Small super-compact lights are ideal for EDC / daily carry guns, while larger lights are a good choice for your larger home-defense gun. Cost is a big factor in light selection; the best-quality brands are not cheap. You'll need to factor the light into your holster selection, too. Are there holsters available for your particular gun + light combination? You will also need some extra training to learn how to apply the weaponlight in real-world situations. The gun-mounted light also does not eliminate the need for a handheld flashlight. You can't point your gun at somebody to illuminate them when you don't know yet if they're a threat. That's what the flashlight is for.