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Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

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Daily Defense 1-17: How To Choose a Holster

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

In our last video, Jeff gave us an overview of the major considerations in choosing a holster that integrates daily carry of a firearm into your lifestyle. Now, he gets down to the nitty gritty. Choose a holster designed to fit YOUR gun. There are cheap, generic, supposedly "one-size-fits-all" holsters - BAD idea. Get a holster that holds your gun so tightly that if you turn it upside down with the gun inside, it won't fall out. The holster needs to stay securely attached to your belt, too, and must protect the trigger at ALL times when the gun is holstered. When you draw the gun, you should be able to grasp it with your final firing grip. You don't want to have to shift your hand position in order to be able to fire the gun. Holsters can be made of traditional leather or a modern synthetic called Kydex. Some attach inside your waistband, while others go in the traditional outside-the-belt position. There are other types, too; Jeff will tell us about those in a later episode.