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FREE SHIPPING On all Magpul parts & accessories - Shop now

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Daily Defense 1-14: Loading & Unloading a Pistol

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

You've got your home-defense / EDC / daily carry gun, you've selected your ammo, you're getting ready to take a shooting class or hit the range, and.... wait, "How do I load the gun?" Jeff shows us how to safely load and unload a handgun. First, remember those Basic Firearm Safety Rules: keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction AND keep your finger off the trigger, in the "home" position. Next, perform a Safety Check to make sure the gun is unloaded. Visually inspect to make sure the chamber is empty and the magazine is removed. And just like Santa's List, check it twice. Next, identify the magazine release button and the slide stop lever. They're close together, so make sure you've determined which is which. Jeff explains (1) How to hold the magazine and seat it in the gun; (2) How to close the slide; and (3) How to maintain the proper two-handed grip on the gun. Finally, he'll cover how to unload the gun and lock the action open using the slide stop lever.