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Daily Defense 2-9: IWB vs OWB - Which Is Better?

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

In Episode 2-4, Jeff discussed the benefits of strongside carry of your EDC gun. You can do that with the holster outside the waistband (OWB) or inside the waistband (IWB) of your pants. IWB provides maximum concealment because most of the gun is hidden in your pants, with only the grip exposed - you can cover that with your shirt. Carrying the gun outside the waistband IS more comfortable, but you have to figure out how to conceal the entire gun, which probably means wearing your shirt untucked. Your lifestyle and/or work dress code may require IWB, so you'll have to buy new pants with a larger waistline (and belts) to accommodate the gun. IWB lets you tuck in your shirt OVER the gun, which gives excellent concealment. Safety: When you're first learning how to draw and fire a gun from a holster, Jeff recommends starting with strongside OWB. If an accidental discharge occurs during the draw or re-holstering, OWB puts the firearm farther away from your body, somewhat reducing the risk of serious injury. Still a gunshot wound, but probably a less severe one than from an AD involving IWB carry. When you're proficient with OWB, then start training for IWB. The goal is to have BOTH options available to you, so when you're leaving the house, you can choose the carry method that best suits your situation that day.