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This week only - Start your rifle build & get 15% off Rifle Parts - SHOP NOW

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Daily Defense 2-8: Is Shoulder Carry Only for Hollywood?

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

It's not just for Crockett and Tubbs in "Miami Vice"! A shoulder holster is a legitimate method of daily concealed carry. PROs: Shoulder carry offers easier access to your gun from a seated position than hip carry - good for folks who spend a lot of time sitting in a car. It works well with heavy winter clothing. You can put your shoulder holster under only the outer layer, so you have good access. One-stop shopping: shoulder rigs usually include the holster, the necessary belts, and a mag pouch. With the weight of the gun distributed across your shoulders, you can carry a fairly heavy firearm comfortably for long periods of time. If a situation looks about to go south, you can get your hands into a pre-draw position by crossing your arms. CONs: You have to raise your hands and reach all the way across your body's centerline, deep under your opposite arm to draw your gun. It's easy for an opponent to block your draw by restraining your strong arm. You MUST wear a cover garment ALL the time. No taking your jacket off on a warm day! When the gun is holstered, the muzzle is usually pointing behind you, putting people standing behind you at risk during the draw. Many ranges and training facilities will not allow live fire practice from a shoulder holster. Reholstering is cumbersome: you have to hold the holster with your weak hand while you re-insert the gun. Practicing to achieve consistency is vital!