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Daily Defense 2-5: Is "Appendix Carry" Right for You?

Author Jeff Gonzales
3 years ago

Appendix carry is similar to strong-side carry because the gun is carried on your waist but in front, a bit off to the side, about where your appendix is. The gun is accessible from your strong side OR weak side - a big advantage if your strong hand gets incapacitated. With practice, you can draw equally well with either hand. Appendix carry enables excellent weapon retention because your hands are right there to repel a "gun grab." It does require an INSIDE the waistband (IWB) holster, but the bonus is you may be able to carry a larger gun. Make sure you choose a comfortable holster that's specifically designed for appendix carry. A strong-side holster is not right for this job. Appendix carry may increase the risk of an accidental discharge, but that can be countered by choosing a pistol with a manual safety and/or one with a DA / SA trigger (double action first shot, subsequent shots single action). Jeff demonstrates the proper draw from appendix carry, as well as re-holstering. When reholstering, keep the trigger finger out of the triggerguard, thumb on the hammer (if the gun has one), and direct the muzzle away from the body. Practice drawing and reholstering A LOT. Start out slowly to build your muscle memory, then pick up the speed later. And of course, always observe the safety rules!