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Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

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Daily Defense 2-3: Maximize Your Total Concealed Carry Comfort

Author Jeff Gonzales
2 years ago

If you're going to carry a gun all day, you need to be comfortable - not just physically, but psychologically. One way to start getting comfortable carrying a concealed firearm in public is to practice doing it at home. Carry the gun in a safe (unloaded) condition and start racking up hours with a gun on your belt. Over time, it will become second nature, like carrying your keys and wallet and phone. The more time you spend with a firearm on your body, the better you understand how it works. It's also a great way to find out which wardrobe items work with CCW and which don't. Before you head out into the world, ask a friend or family member to look you over carefully and tell you if you're telegraphing that you're carrying a gun. Are there wardrobe problems? Do you have "tells"? If a person who KNOWS you're carrying a gun can't see any evidence of it, you can be pretty sure strangers won't either. In terms of physical comfort, some firearms - like full-size duty pistols - just don't work well for concealed carry. Just as important is a secure, properly fitting holster and belt setup. The goal is familiarization with the "art" of carrying concealed. Familiarity equals comfort, and comfort equals confidence.