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Anti-Gun Senators Propose Bill to Destroy Gun Websites

2 years ago

Anti-gun Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) recently introduced Senate Bill 2725, which they have ridiculously labeled the "Accountability for Online Firearms Marketplaces Act." S.2725 seeks to remove Section 230 protections from websites that conduct or facilitate firearms or firearms accessory transactions, thereby making the business directly liable for any crimes committed with any firearm or firearm related item purchased using their site.

Section 230 of the United States Code shields Internet service providers from liability for content created or conducted by a third party, same as how a phone service provider isn't held liable when criminals make a phone call. This law was enacted in the early days of the Internet as a way to ensure that the then-fledgling technology could have a chance to get established and thrive, rather than be sued into oblivion before it could get started.

S.2725 alleges to be in response to a 2019 case in Wisconsin, Daniel v. Armslist, during which a woman whose mother was murdered in a shooting sued Armslist. She claimed the site was responsible since the shooter used it to locate a seller from which to purchase a gun privately, which he in turn used during the commission of the crime. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Armslist was not liable on Section 230 grounds because they merely provided a neutral tool to search for private sellers. The U.S. Supreme Court denied review, thereby upholding the Wisconsin court's opinion.

Of course, S.2725 is yet another transparent attempt at subverting the Second Amendment. The anti-gunners have wanted to open up gun businesses to lawsuits for many years, in order to allow frivolous, expensive lawsuits to bring the gun industry down and accomplish what they have been unable to do with legislation for decades.

This bill would open the flood gates not merely against gun businesses that use the Internet, but against any Internet business that facilitates them, such as a domain registrar, website hosting service, or even e-commerce services. S.2725 would effectively roll the calendar back to 1990 and reduce the gun industry to brick-and-mortar shops, bankrupting countless gun businesses in the process through lawfare.

We urge you to contact your senators today and tell them to reject Senate Bill 2725. It'll only take a few moments of your time, and as the recent success of our combined efforts against the Biden Administration's nomination of David Chipman to the ATF director seat shows, we have the power to hold the line and push back against the anti-gun agenda when we make our voices heard.