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0228-22 Caleb's Kit For Cornfield Brutality_Thumb

Caleb's Shooting Competition Gear

Author Caleb Savant
5 months ago

Something a little different today! In previous videos, Caleb has mentioned some of the gear he uses in competition, and he's gotten a lot of questions on social media about it. As he recently competed in the Cornfield Brutality Games recently held at the Brownells Big Springs Shooting Complex, it made sense to do this video. Cornfield Brutality is put on by our friends at InRange TV, and it involves various target shooting challenges and types of competitors, from guys shooting old Mausers to the Armored +P Division Caleb competed in as part of the pre-event staff match. So for all you folks who've been asking - and even for those who haven't - here's EVERY item in Caleb's competition setup, from the bottom up.