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FREE SHIPPING On all Magpul parts & accessories - Shop now

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Quick Tip: Using the Law Tactical Stock Folder on a 9mm AR-15

Author Steve Ostrem
5 years ago

The Law Tactical Gen 3-M Folding Stock Adapter has become an extremely popular accessory on AR-15 carbines and SBRs. It's an elegantly simple means to getting a folding stock on your AR without impairing operation of the gun's buffer system. But there's a weird rumor out on the Interwebs that you can't use the Law Folder on a 9mm-chambered, blowback-operated AR-15. NOT TRUE! You just need to remove the weight in the rear of the 9mm bolt / carrier assembly and replace it with the little plug that's part of the Law Tactical system. It's a simple task. Brownells Gun Tech Steve Ostrem shows us how it's done.