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Law Tactical ARIC Installation

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago

Law Tactical's Gen3M folding stock adapter revolutionized the AR-15 world by making it easy to put a folding stock on an AR without altering the operation of its buffer system. But you could not fire the rifle with the stock folded.... until Law Tactical introduced the ARIC. The "AR Internal Carrier" replaces the bolt, carrier, buffer, and buffer spring on an AR-15 fitted with the Gen3M adapter, so it can be fired with the stock FOLDED. Caleb shows us how to install the ARIC. This process involves working with springs under compression, so put on those safety glasses.

Start by removing the rifle's bolt-carrier group, buffer, and spring. Hang onto these parts because you can easily remove the ARIC and return the rifle to standard configuration any time. Clean the chamber, making sure the back side of the lugs is thoroughly cleaned, so the ARIC will get properly "broken in" to the receiver. Remove the cup from the rear of the ARIC and test-fit it to the lower receiver. Press the button on the Gen3M, and the cup should slide backward freely. If the cup binds on the setscrew that retains the Gen3M, get your hex wrench and back out the screw a little. Check the fit again.

When you have the ARIC cup moving freely, apply some liquid gun lubricant to the ARIC's top and bottom rails, cam pin, and the sides of the gas key. Put a few drops of lubricant on the spring guide rods, just as you would for a pistol. Also hit the points where the springs touch the bolt carrier, the rear retaining plate, and inside the cup. Slide the cup back onto the ARIC. Everything is now lubricated to ensure proper break in. Make sure the ARIC stays lubricated.

Insert the ARIC into the upper receiver just as you would a standard BCG. Put spring tension on the back of the cup, and line up the tab on the cup with the groove in the top of the receiver. Close the upper and lock the takedown pin. Hit the button on the Gen3M, and the rear of the cup should pop out the back of the lower receiver. Look through the ejection port, and you should see the guide rod BEHIND the debris hole. Manually cycle the action several times, with the stock both extended and folded, to make sure the ARIC moves freely without hanging up or binding.

Now, it's time to hit the range to shoot your rifle with stock extended OR folded. It's your choice!

To learn more about the AR Internal Carrier, watch our earlier video, "Product Spotlight: Law Tactical ARIC".

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