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0107-23 Tech Tip - Installing Glock Slide Parts_Thumb

Completing a Glock Slide

Author Caleb Savant
11 months ago
At the end of our earlier video on how to install all the small parts in a St. Croix Tactical SCT-19 pistol frame (link below), Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant promised a sequel. And here it is! He walks us step by step through turning a bare Glock® slide into a complete "top half" for your pistol. He's working with a Brownells RMR-Cut Extended Slide for Glock® 19, which takes standard Glock® factory or compatible aftermarket parts. This slide is the same length as a G17 slide, so you get a pistol with a longer barrel and longer sight radius for better accuracy, with the G19's compact grip frame.
Caleb installs factory Glock® 17 parts from the handy Slide Small Parts Kit from Brownells. Like most slide parts kits, this one does not include sights. You probably want to pick out sights separately anyway. If the kit you're using doesn't include a channel liner installation tool, like the Brownells kit does, you'll have to get one separately. You'll also need a Glock® front sight tool and some gun oil.
FRONT SIGHT: We already have a video on installing rear sights (link below), so let's go right to the front sight. You can install a plastic front sight bare. If you're installing a metal sight, put a dab of Loc-Tite® or other thread-locker on the hex-head screw. Then tighten the screw from the bottom using the front sight tool. Make sure the sight stays straight. If it doesn't, loosen the screw, align the sight, and re-tighten.
CHANNEL LINER for the striker channel: Just press it in with the special tool.
STRIKER (aka "firing pin"): Slide the plastic tube that looks like a short channel liner over the striker so the tube overhangs the rear of the firing pin. Slide on the striker spring. Now, install the spring cups, which are critical for keeping the spring on the striker. Caleb shows us his trick for using the slide itself as a jig to hold the striker assembly while you compress the spring to install the spring cups.
Insert the striker safety plunger spring into the striker safety. Slide the extractor spring over the small end of the extractor bar, then insert the striker plunger into the open end of the extractor spring. This assembly is mission-critical for proper extractor function.
GET IT TOGETHER: Drop the striker safety plunger into its hole. Press down on the plunger while you drop in the extractor, with the extractor claw facing the front of the chamber and the rounded portion to the rear. Let go of the safety plunger, and it retains the extractor. The extractor rod goes into its channel with the spring facing the rear of the slide. Now insert the striker into its slot. And install the back plate on the slide. Check out Caleb's trick for using the Channel Liner Tool to coax it in.
Install the barrel and the recoil spring. The beveled protrusion on the recoil spring nestles into the cutout in the front of the slide.
SMOOTH OPERATOR: Apply a little gun oil on the locking surfaces on the barrel, the safety plunger, the sear's engagement surface, and the back of the extractor. Caleb shows us which parts of the frame to lubricate so it'll play nicely with your new slide assembly.
MOMENT OF TRUTH: Install the slide on the frame. The slide should automatically lock to the frame. The back of the slide should be even with the back of the frame, as should the top of the barrel hood. Now, do a function and safety check.
Earlier video on completing the frame: "Tech Tip: Completing a St. Croix Tactical Frame for Glock"
For rear sight installation, check out "Tech Tip: How To Install Pistol Sights the Old School Way"

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