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Celebrate 85 Years With 15% Off All Brownells Products - SHOP NOW

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product spotlight glock 47

Product Spotlight: The Glock™ 47

Author Caleb Savant
one month ago

Hey everyone, Caleb here from Brownells. In today's product spotlight, I'm excited to talk about the Glock 47. Now, for those who might not be as familiar, the Glock 47 is a newer addition to the Gen 5 lineup from Glock.

The genesis of the Glock 47 came from a request by Border Patrol, who wanted a more modular solution without needing to purchase entirely new firearms. This model allows for great versatility; you can swap the slides between the Glock 19 and 47, which adds a layer of modularity that wasn't as straightforward before.

 Let's break down some of the key features:

Modularity: With the Glock 47, you can take a Glock 19 slide and mount it directly onto the 47 frame. This gives you the compact slide with a full-size grip. Conversely, you can take the Glock 47 slide and put it on a Glock 19 frame to essentially create a '19L' configuration.

Compatibility: The Glock 47 is designed to work seamlessly with Glock 17 magazines, enhancing its usability and making it a versatile option for different scenarios, from duty use to personal defense.

Build and Design: Like other Gen 5 models, it retains Glock's renowned reliability and function. It's built to perform and last, with all the classic Glock features that users worldwide have come to rely on.

In practice, what you get with the Glock 47 is almost like having multiple guns in one. If you own both a Glock 19 and a Glock 47, you effectively have four different configurations at your disposal. This kind of flexibility is a huge plus in any tactical or personal defense scenario.

So, if you're someone who's been on the fence about the Glock 47, or if you're just learning about it now, I definitely recommend giving it a look.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with the Glock 47, drop a comment below. If you're watching this on our website and need assistance, don't hesitate to call our tech line. Thanks for joining me today, and I look forward to our next session where we'll dive even deeper into the world of firearms.

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