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0178-23 Product Spot Light - The BCM AT MRO Mount_Thumb

Product Spotlight: The BCM A/T MRO Mount

Author Caleb Savant
23 days ago

  Join Caleb from Brownells in this informative product spotlight where we delve into the innovative features of the Bravo Company Manufacturing Mount for the Trijicon MRO. This isn't just another optic mount for your AR15; it's a game-changer in terms of design and functionality.

Key Highlights:
-Angle Torque (A/T) System: Discover how BCM's unique angle torque system, with its triangular clamping force, offers a 50% increase in clamping force, ensuring a more secure and reliable mount for your optic.

-Life-Saving Tools: Learn why BCM focuses on creating bombproof, reliable tools that outlast other components on your firearm, especially when it comes to optics.

-Reinforced Design: Explore the mount's triple-recoil lug system on the 1913 rail, providing extra strength and durability.

-Material and Compatibility: Made from 7075 T6 hardcoat anodized aluminum, this mount is compatible not only with the MRO but also with the Aimpoint Micro, offering versatility in your setup.

-Co-Witness Options: Understand the benefits of lower third co-witness mounts versus absolute co-witness mounts, and why personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right one for you.

Caleb also shares his personal preference for lower third co-witness and invites viewers to share their preferences. 

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of firearms, this video provides valuable insights into one of the most crucial aspects of your gear.

For more detailed inquiries, feel free to call our tech line. Watch now and elevate your firearm setup with the BCM Mount for the Trijicon MRO!

5 Stars
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