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0072-23 Product Spot Light - MI Universal Shell Holder_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Universal Shell Holder

Author Caleb Savant
4 months ago
You're preparing for a precision rifle competition or heading into the field with your ol' faithful hunting lever gun, and you want a couple of spare rounds at the ready, just in case you need a quick reload. Sure, you could carry them in your pocket, but is Barney Fifing it the best way to go when that trophy buck of a lifetime unexpectedly appears? The Midwest Industries Universal Shell Holder can really save your bacon in these situations. It holds TWO rounds and clamps easily to an M-LOK® slot on a chassis rifle's forend or your Winchester, Marlin, or Henry lever action rifle fitted with a Midwest Industries M-LOK® forend. You can mount the holder with the rounds oriented horizontally, parallel to the forend, or vertically facing up or down - whatever works best for your situation.
MI's shell holder is made of a super-flexible, rubber-like polymer that expands to hold just about any standard centerfire rifle cartridge. It won't work for your .50 BMG or .600 Nitro Express, but it is "universal" enough for most hunting and precision rifle cartridges. For demo purposes ONLY, Caleb has a 6.5 Creedmoor and a .30-30 Winchester paired up in his shell holder. The universal shell holder grips like a lamprey, so you're very, very unlikely to lose a round, no matter how vigorously you're moving.
Sure beats carrying spare rounds between the fingers of your support hand like an old school African big game hunter!