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Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

Build a Better .22 with the BRN-22 - LEARN MORE

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0088-21 Product Spotlight Midwest Wrench_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries AR-15 Armorer's Wrench

Author Caleb Savant
2 years ago

Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant has something that'll make a lot of AR builders and owners very happy: the AR-15 / AR-308 Professional Armorer's Wrench from Midwest Industries. Armorer's wrenches tend to be a lot alike, but MI has added some features that get even veteran AR-15 mechanics like Caleb pretty stoked: (1) Barrel nut wrench that'll work on any standard AR-15 or AR-308 barrel nut, including encapsulated and pin types. (2) Rifle receiver extension (buffer tube) wrench. (3) Flash hider / muzzle device wrench re-designed to work on an unusually wide variety of devices, even ones with thin flats like Surefires and many suppressor mounts. (4) Castle nut wrench for carbine buffer tubes that ALSO doubles as a wrench for Midwest Industries barrel nuts. Bonus: it's an open-ended wrench, so it'll even work on those older, larger-than-normal-diameter pistol buffer tubes. (5) Two ½" torque wrench drive sockets. (6) A hammer and a (7) "Tactical" bottle opener for folks who enjoy some "cold snacks" while working on their ARs. Bonus: torque values for the barrel nut, castle nut, and flash hider are forged right INTO the side of the tool! So it's clear this ain't no sissy bargain-bin gadget but a proper, sturdy, hefty AR-15 wrench made of solid steel in the U.S.A. and built to

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