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0009-22 Product Spot Light - Midwest Industries AR-15 Bench Block_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Midwest AR-15 Lower Receiver Block

Author Caleb Savant
2 years ago

How do you get an AR-15 lower receiver to sit still on your workbench so you can remove or insert the pins? Support it with a Midwest Industries AR-15 Lower Receiver Block, of course!  Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant gives us an in-depth show-and-tell of this handy AR-15 tool (AR-308 version also available).

Midwest molds their bench block from unusually dense polymer, so it's darned sturdy. It securely supports the receiver on its side so you can drive out the pins, AND it provides excellent support for the triggerguard tabs - often broken in mishaps involving overzealous application of hammer and pin punch.

If you do a lot of AR-15 / AR-308 work, Midwest has thoughtfully drilled 4 holes through the bench block so you can bolt it to the bench top. But you may want to leave it loose because it also has a magwell insert that lets the bench block double up as a VISE block to support the lower OR the whole rifle in your bench vise.

Bonus: a cutout to hold a low-profile gas block while you install or remove the gas tube pin. No more struggling to get that gas block to sit still while you install the pin!

5 Stars
$36.95 - $41.95
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