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This week only - Start your rifle build & get 15% off Rifle Parts - SHOP NOW

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Product Spotlight Mantis Blackbeard Training System

Product Spotlight: Mantis Blackbeard Training System

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago

Practice, practice, practice. It's the way to get to Carnegie Hall AND it's also the best way to become a proficient marksman/woman with your AR-15. But ammo is expensive, and what if you don't have a lot of time to go to the range? Solution: the Mantis Blackbeard Auto-Resetting Trigger System for AR-15. Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant explains how Mantis's dry-fire training system works. The Blackbeard help you practice your trigger pull by automatically resetting the trigger so you're ready for the next "shot" without operating the charging handle to cycle the action.

The main Blackbeard unit temporarily replaces any standard AR-15's bolt-carrier group and charging handle, while the USB-rechargeable battery pack fits into the magwell. How easy is the Blackbeard to install? Caleb demos for us with his special cutaway AR-15. The Blackbeard also makes dry-fire practice extra safe. When it's installed in your AR-15, there's no way a live round can be fired by accident. Flip the safety selector to "FIRE," pull the trigger, and with an authoritative "click" the Mantis device automatically resets the trigger.

 You can get the Blackbeard alone or as the BlackbeardX with a laser that helps you see where your "shots" land. The BlackbeardX is available with a red, green, or infrared laser. The red laser model works great with LaserLyte's Trainer Targets.