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0043-23 Product Spot Light - FCD CSF Sling_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Forward Controls Design CSF Sling

Author Caleb Savant
3 months ago
Caleb's got something in a sling today. Fortunately, it's his "Grey Ghost" rifle that he's fitted out with the CSF Sling from Forward Controls Design. If it's from FCD, you automatically know two things: (1) the product is very intelligently thought out to the last detail and (2) it's very high quality. CSF means "Carbine Sling, Forward Controls," and it's a straightforward two-point sling built for hard use, with the look and feel of quality that inspires the confidence a well-made product gives you. It doesn't do anything other slings don't do, but it does it very, VERY well. It's easy to use, intuitive, and very durable. End of story? Not quite!
Caleb gives us a walk-through of the CSF Sling from front to back. It accepts any standard pushbutton QD sling swivels you choose (not included, must provide your own). The slide assembly is bounded by high-quality reinforced molded polymer keepers (triglides). The CSF adjusts very easily and smoothly, but when you want it to stay put, IT DOES. The nylon webbing pull tab for making length adjustments is easy to find by feel. You don't have to take your eyes off whatever's going on in front of you while you adjust the sling. A quick-release buckle at the rear lets get out of the sling PDQ if you need to shed your rifle in a hurry.
Why polymer keepers and not metal? Aren't metal keepers another sign of quality? Caleb points out that in a life-vs-death situation - maybe you're snagged on a vehicle and about to get dragged - you can use the force of your body weight to break the polymer keepers to free yourself. That's assuming you don't even have time to hit the quick-release buckle.
FCD offers the CSF Sling in standard colors, plus some extras: basic Black, Tan, Goose Grey, Ranger Green, Woodland, Multi-Cam, and Caleb's favorite, Multi-Cam Black, which looks great next to the grey receiver of his rifle.