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FREE SHIPPING On all Magpul parts & accessories - Shop now

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0111-23 Product Spot Light - Edgar Sherman Design Sling_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Edgar Sherman Design ESD Sling

Author Caleb Savant
7 months ago
Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb has something in a sling today. Luckily, it's his "hotness" rifle fitted with the new Edgar Sherman Design ESD Sling - and he is stoked about how excellent it is. The ESD is a two-point carbine sling made of nylon webbing, with two smooth-moving polymer tri-glide adjusters and a center buckle linking the two halves of the sling together. Wait, polymer is just a fancy word for "plastic," isn't it? Just a way to save money on manufacturing costs, right? "NO!" says Caleb. Polymer tri-glides are plenty strong to do their job, and they won't scratch your gun's finish. More importantly, if you ever get tangled up in a vehicle or some other situation where you need to get out of your sling FAST, you can break polymer hardware, which may save your life. Can't do that with metal hardware!
The length adjuster is also made of polymer, with a snag-resistant pull tab that's super easy to locate, grab, and operate. The sling adjusts easily but stays put when you get it where you want it. Tug on the ESD all you want, it won't slip. Edgar Sherman doesn't include QD swivels, so you can choose that attachment hardware that works best for you. A lot of folks now just loop their slings through the stock and a clamp-on sling loop on the forend.
You can get your ESD sling in a big variety of colors and camo patterns.

5 Stars
$40.00 - $45.00
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