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0068-23 Product Spot Light - BVM MK2 RMS_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Author Caleb Savant
9 months ago
Some folks are more sensitive to recoil than others, but as a general rule, it's a Good Thing when you can reduce a rifle's felt recoil. That's exactly what Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System does for the AR-15. Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant is here to explain how it works. Consisting of a recoil buffer, buffer spring, receiver extension (aka, "buffer tube"), castle nut, and end plate with a handy QD sling swivel socket, the RMS is Bravo Company's take on the A5 buffer system. Both recoil systems occupy the middle ground between rifle and carbine systems. So the Bravo RMS / A5 buffers are longer than carbine buffers but decidedly shorter than rifle buffers. The recoil springs are stronger, too. The buffer tube is longer to accommodate the longer buffer, but the tube accepts any collapsible (adjustable) stock that fits a standard mil-spec (1.146" O.D.) carbine buffer tube.
BENEFIT #1: The big benefit of BCM's Recoil Mitigation System is making your rifle a LOT smoother shooting because the extra length spreads out the recoil impulse. "But wait," you ask, "how bad is the recoil on a .223 rifle?" Well, there is still some recoil, and mitigating it enables you to make faster follow-up shots. You can watch the bullet hit (or miss!) the target through your optic. That's pretty important when you're in a timed competition, yes?
BENEFIT #2: The RMS also makes your rifle more RELIABLE, regardless of its gas system length. The recoil spring's extra oomph coupled with the heavier buffer means more weight driving the carrier forward to ensure that next round gets chambered. You enjoy awesomely reliable feeding, while the extra weight and receiver extension length mean gentler felt recoil.
To learn more about the nitty gritty of this type of recoil system, check out our earlier video, "Quick Tip: Benefits of an A5 Buffer in Your AR-15"

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