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Product Spotlight: B5 Systems Retro Carbine Stock

Author Caleb Savant
2 months ago
What's old is cool again! Despite the vast array of AR-15 stocks of all shapes and styles currently available, Caleb gets back to basics with the Retro Carbine Stock from B5 Systems. The RCS replicates the look of the collapsible (adjustable) buttstock found on CAR-15 XM177 carbines from the 1960s and early M4 Carbines. Original carbine stocks in good condition are scarce as hen's teeth these days. B5 has done a great service to folks who like to build AR-15s with the looks of previous eras using Brownells Retro Rifle™ parts. Maybe you have an older carbine whose stock is broken or you just don't want to subject the scarce original to the wear-and-tear of shooting the rifle. Or maybe you just want the lightest, most compact stock you can put on your rifle. Either way, swap on a Retro Carbine Stock, and you're good to go!
The Retro Carbine Stock is made of modern lightweight reinforced polymer, so it's as tough as any current-production AR stock. Just like the originals, its feature set is fairly limited. It has the correct molded texturing on the buttplate, a sling loop on top and a sling slot under the buffer tube area, and the standard spring-loaded adjustment lever. Correct for early carbine stocks, it does not have the reinforcement ribbing on the sides like later M4 carbine stocks.
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