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Product Spotlight: B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15

Author Caleb Savant
2 months ago
Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb is here to help us "get a grip" and talk about the P-Grip AR-15 pistol grip from B5 Systems. The ergonomically engineered P-Grip comes in two variations, the Type 22 and the Type 23. What's the difference? The Type 23 has a beavertail for use on standard "mil-spec" forged AR-15 lower receivers. The Type 22 has no beavertail, making it a great option for folks who just don't like the beavertail or have rifles with billet or non-standard lower receivers that don't work with the beavertail. The Type 22 works great on a Brownells BRN-180 lower.
One of the big benefits of the P-Grip is its more vertical angle compared to the standard A2 pistol grip. A lot of folks like the A2, but others prefer a more upright hold, especially on carbines with short stocks. The P-Grip angle positions your hand so you can reach the controls more easily. B5 Systems also omitted the A2's front finger-ledge, which some shooters find annoying. They gave the P-Grip an aggressive non-slip texture that won't tear up your hand but is a lot grippier than the molded checkering of a generic A2 grip. The texturing is only on the sides and front, leaving the backstrap smooth, which lets you move your hand as you change shooting positions without breaking your grip. Many "run-n-gun" competition shooters will like this.
B5 Systems offers the P-Grips in the standard colors: basic black, of course, as well as FDE for you Flat Dark Earth Society members, Coyote Brown, O.D. Green, and Caleb's favorite, Wolf Grey.
The P-Grip is hollow, with a completely open bottom, so B5 also offers a Grip Plug that snaps right into the void. It has cutouts for batteries, but you can put plenty of other items in there: lip balm, snacks, a Swiss Army knife. You know, the usual stuff you always need on your AR-15!
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