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Product Spotlight: B5 Systems M-LOK Rail Covers

Author Caleb Savant
4 months ago
We don't think there's been an intentional cover up, but we haven't seen enough coverage of the M-LOK® Rail Covers from B5 Systems. Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb is here to fix that deficiency. These covers are made of a tough yet flexible, non-slip rubber material that is heat- and chemical-resistant. It has just the right amount of "squish" to give you a firm, secure, comfortable hold on the rifle. Most folks are going to use these rail covers on an AR-15, but they'll work on any rifle handguard with M-LOK® slots.
Each one fits over three slots, and when you press it on, nubs on the underside pop into the slots and grip with a surprising amount of tenacity. These rail covers aren't coming off the handguard until you purposefully PULL them off. They look a lot like the old Knight's Armament covers for M1913 Picatinny rails, but B5's M-LOK version is smaller. Their very low-profile adds minimal bulk to the exterior of the handguard.
B5 Systems M-LOK rail covers come in packs of 4, and you can get them in basic black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Coyote Brown, O.D. Green, and of course, Wolf Grey.
5 Stars
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