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Product Spotlight: B5 Systems AR-15 Trigger Guards

Author Caleb Savant
4 months ago
The standard AR-15 trigger guard is basically a straight strip of aluminum that fills the gap between the front of the pistol grip and the rear wall of the magazine well. It gets the job done, but it's not very ergonomic. Can we do better? Yes! Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb tells us about the enhanced trigger guards offered by B5 Systems.
You can get your B5 trigger guard in either lightweight reinforced polymer or, for extra strength, 6061 T6 aluminum. Which you choose is a matter of personal preference. The good news is BOTH B5 'guards are bowed out to provide extra clearance for your trigger finger if you're wearing gloves.... or if you just have a thick trigger finger.
Just like the original mil-spec trigger guard, the front of B5's aluminum model has a built-in spring-loaded detent that locks into the lower receiver. The included roll pin anchors the rear of the trigger guard. The front of the polymer model attaches to the receiver via a handy setscrew, while the same roll pin secures the rear.
Both models are available in basic black and the other common AR-15 colors, including Coyote Brown, O.D. Green, Wolf Grey (Caleb's favorite), and FDE for Flat Dark Earth Society members.
Not only are these trigger guards good-quality, highly functional upgrades for your AR-15, but they also look good. Style maven that he is, one more thing Caleb likes about the B5 Systems AR-15 trigger guards is logo placement. On the aluminum model, the B5 logo is tastefully laser-engraved on the INSIDE of the trigger guard. That logo is molded into the same place on the polymer model. Nothing wrong with proclaiming your fanboyhood for your favorite brands, but not everybody wants to go over the top about it!
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