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0120-22 Product Spot Light - Aguila 22 ammo_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Aguila .22 Rimfire Ammunition

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago

The correct pronunciation is "AG-you-la" (don't drag out the "you" too long!), and Aguila has been manufacturing ammunition in Mexico since 1961. Aguila may not be the best-known maker of .22 rimfire ammo YET, but according to Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant, they make excellent quality fodder for your .22 rifles, revolvers, and pistols.

With a second factory now on line in Texas, Aguila manufacturers everything in their ammunition EXCEPT the powder in house, so they have near total control over the finished ammo's quality. Aguila manufacturers ALL types of ammunition, including rimfire, centerfire rifle and handgun loads, and shotshells. They have military and law enforcement customers all around the world.

All of Aguila's .22 rimfire ammo is manufactured to Olympic match ammo standards, with extremely clean-burning powder. They offer a large variety of .22 loads, including the Super-Extra .22 Long Rifle with 38 grain CPHP (copper-plated hollow point) bullets featured here.