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THIS WEEK ONLY – All Magpul Items Ship Free – Shop Now

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0161-22 Product Spot Light - Brownells BCG_Thumb

Product Spotlight: Brownells AR-15 Bolt-Carrier Groups

Author Paul Levy
one year ago

Paul Levy is back and bursting with stuff to tell us about the Brownells AR-15 bolt-carrier groups. These BCGs are sourced from top-level manufacturers and gotta meet strict requirements to wear the Brownells name. The standard BCG comes with a hard, slick, extremely durable Nitride finish and is available in AR-15 or M16 configuration (both work fine in a semi-auto AR). The mil-spec version has a Parkerized finish and chrome-lined interior. Looking for a finish even tougher than Nitride? You can get your Brownells bolt-carrier group with an even harder Titanium Nitride (TiN) OR ultra-slick Nickel-Boron finish. The Hard-Chromed model is available with forward assist serrations OR Slick-Side for Retro Rifle® builders and folks who don't want a forward assist. If you need to lighten up, the Lightweight BCG has the excess metal removed. So what's under the surface of a Brownells BCG? Each component is made from a steel alloy with the best combination of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. (Paul spells out the specific alloys used.) Our vendors machine the components in-house to ensure exact fit - NO off-the-shelf, lowest-bidder, mystery-source stuff! The cam path is precisely machined to original military specifications, ensuring reliable locking / unlocking of the cam. Bolts are Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) to catch hidden flaws that could shorten the life of this critical component. The gas key is PROPERLY staked so its bolts can't back out under hard use and cause your rifle to jam. On the outside chance your Brownells AR-15 bolt-carrier group should fail or fall short in some respect, it is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee!