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How To Assemble MOLLE Gear by Spiritus Systems

Author Fred Baker
one year ago

We'll refrain from making the customary "good golly MOLLE" jokes and get right down to business! Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant is again joined by Fred from Spiritus Systems, who walks us through the process of assembling MOLLE components using Spiritus's modular accessories. The U.S. military introduced the MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment system, "MOLLE" for short, in 1997 to enable soldiers to QUICKLY swap items on and off their plate carriers and packs as needed for specific missions. The "quickly" part didn't entirely work out. MOLLE gear is a little time-consuming to remove and attach. But it is very secure, genuinely modular, and pretty easy to use. Plus, universality is a big factor in MOLLE's popularity. An enormous number and variety of MOLLE accessories are available from a vast array of suppliers, including Spiritus. So how does it work? Fred demonstrates installing a Spiritus GP pouch on their MOLLE Cummerbund.