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This week only: AR parts 15% off - SHOP NOW

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We The People: Tom Beckstrand

Author Tom Beckstrand
4 years ago

  "Welcome to the Second Amendment, baby!" Tom Beckstrand is the rifles and optics editor for Guns & Ammo magazine, and he's here to tell us about his love affair.... with firearms. Tom's introduction to the thrill of pulling the trigger came from safaris to the local dump to shoot bottles and cans. Later, as a cadet at West Point, he experienced his first hard-earned "big victory" in life with a firearm. Tom started selection for the Green Berets on September 9, 2001, and served in the Special Forces during their busiest time in history, with two tours to Afghanistan and two to Iraq. His duties included serving on sniper teams. While working a civilian day job after leaving the Army, Tom started writing for gun magazines on the side - a chance to share what he loves with like-minded people. This eventually led to his current gig, including appearances on Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportman Channel. Tom shares his views on the state of the firearms world today, plus a bit of advice to all Americans who believe in our Second Amendment freedoms.